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The Unsuspecting Chosen Will Be Bound By Oaths Transending Even The Heavens

The Atterus have maintained order on Mastice and Gegth for over two thousand years. In the past century since the death of the orders founder, Damistus Hellvorn, many have succeded from their rule. Pirates rule the rimward islands outside of the few guarded cities, and dwarven Highlanders rekindled old feuds with their Goblinoid Neighbors. Some claim that the order cannot survive.

Such Naysayers are few however, prosperity compared to the dark times before the order remains. No demons has set foot on the Disk for a thousand years, and the Dragons continue to honor their pacts with Hellvorn beyond his death.

Powers are at work however, the lives of mortals are spun into the great game, and the servants of a bound god plot to sieze the day. The second chosen will rise from this world and take his seat upong the forge of the seven.

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