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Of the World and its Origon

Atterus is a strange world, but strange is relative, and to its inhabitants navigating by rim and spin rather than north east south and west is perfectly intuitive. It is said the world began when the first dragon Jorgmund grew weary of endless flight over the waves and bade the land to rise up. Pleased with his perch, he commanded the land to continue its rise. Angered by this intrusion, The Great Kraken Demestice reached onto Jorgmunds Island and slew him while he slept. With his final words however, Jorgmund commanded his land to continue its expansion, and so it has continued for ten thousand years (by the reckoning of the oldest elves, who’s grandfathers passed these tales to them)

From Jorgmunds body raised two nascent dragons, Pikrin and Mulrin. They would go on to sire the chromatic and metallic dragons respectively. As the land continued to expand, a second island formed, and each dragon claimed one for their family. For a thousand years they fought an ongoing battle over who’s children would inherit the ever rising land. This battle became more and more desperate as their broods grew larger, and eventually culminated in the destruction of the third island. It is unclear as to which dragon actually destroyed the island, but it is clear that it was done to prevent the other from gaining it.

With the loss of the object of their war, the dragons called a parlay. After many years of heated discussion, an agreement was reached. Both dragons used all of their magic to people the fourth island that rose with mortal races. Pikrin and his brood sired the Goblins, the Dwarves, and the Gnomes. Mulrin sired the Humans, the Elves, and the Halflings. The Dragons declared that they would never again do battle with each other, but in the Xorvinyal, the great game. By shaping their creations the Dragons claimed land for themselves, as new islands rose from the waves, the dragons taught their children to fare the seas and claim land for their creators.

For three millennia the Xorvinyal was played out, and never did the dragons meat in battle. By moving their minions wisely they claimed the land they needed and created for mortals plants and animals to fuel their expansions. Before long however, the shorter lived races began to forget their debts to their creators and grew unhappy that they were forced to move and wage war as their masters bid. The Xorvinyal had one guiding rule, that no dragon may fight another dragon, unless an enemy dragon turned their own minions against them.

In the last days of the first Xorvinyal it is unclear who struck first, but within a single year the mortal races turned on their creators. The dragons, having forfeited their magic in the Xorvinyal fell one by one to swarms of mortals. In retribution against the mortal races for killing his favored son, Pikrin sacrificed his body to unleash a plague on mortals, Demons. Although Mulrin too lost children, his love for his creations matched his love for his children. Abhorring to lose both, he sacrificed himself to foil Pikrin, by creating the Angels.

And so it was for many millennia. The last of the dragons warred with the mortal races, often aided by Demons, and foiled by angels whenever possible. Great empires rose and fell, heroes fought titanic battles with the great wurms, and slowly, ever slowly, mortals claimed the land for their own.

As mortals raised their own empires, their greed corrupted them. Soon wars were fought between mortals more often than against dragons. The remnants of the great empires still share an enmity with each other, even to this day.

It was during this time that the expansion of the land began to slow. Grinding gradually to a halt as Jorgmunds magic began to wane. It is said that at the end of the Second Xorvinyal his magic will be reborn and a second land will be born.

Into this titanic chaos, an elf was born. Domistus Hellvorn was born. It is said that when he dies he was the oldest mortal in existence, over three thousand years of age. In the Center of the disk, he established the Atterus, an army of noble paladins that patrol the world seeking out evildoers, mortal, dragon, demon, and angel alike. This impartiality harkened back to the days of the Xorvinyal, and the last of the dragons, beaten back by the heroes of the mortal races agreed to Hellvorn’s laws in exchange for his allegiance. They were given the oldest islands, farthest spinward from the Atterus keep on what was the center of the world. Some mortals still venture to those distant islands, but they are few and foolish, and rarely return.

Under the guidance of the Atterus, empires made peace, and mortals entered an era of peace. Freed from the scourge of dragons, and with angels content to fight the war in heaven to foil the Demons of the old time, mortals turned to nationbuilding.

Three thousand years have passed in this age, No living mortal remembers the war against the dragons, even Hellvorn has been lain to rest, his most noble second ascended to his throne. Lord Kirla. With Kirla at the head of the Atterus, some naysayers are less willing to obey their laws, and the far flung reigions are far less lawless than they ever were under Hellvorns rule. However peace continues and the dragons maintain their pact with Hellvorn, to play out the second Xorvinyal in the far flung islands where life began.

The modern world



The World of the Atterus is roughly divided into four reigions. At its center, the Atterus peninsula, home of the Atterus knights. At its founding three thousand years ago it stood at the center of the world, but as land has continued to spring fourth, the center now sits in the newer Velenik islands. Continueing Spinward from the Atterus peninsula, Gegth, the traditional home of Gnomes, Orcs, and Dwarves. A vast land of expancive highlands and tall mountains. Durring the golden age of Atterus, many humans emigrated here, and some more traditional natives continue to hold a grudge against these "Invaders. Yet firther spinward lies Mastice, the traditional home of Elves, Halflings, and Humans. Though humans are found everywhere now, elves and halflings are more secluded. Halflings staying to their milenia old migration routs, and Elves resideing deep in their forests. All islands further spinward than Mastice are considered the realm of dragons, although one would have to travel far indede to reach their rooster places. Pirates often hide hear, hopeing that legends of dragons will scare off pursueing Atterus ships.

Navigateing the World

Two words are used to Navigate the world, “Spin” and “Rim”. To be farther spinward is to follow the spiral of the land as it flows from its origon point at the center of the world. To be farther Rimward is to be on the outside edge of the spiral.


To an outside observer, this is a bizarre system, but in this world it’s the only reliable way to navigate. Since more land is constantly being created at the world center, old land spreads outward in a spiraling pattern. If a grid or stationary pattern was used to navigate the land would move beneath it and locations would change. Using rim and spin however, a locations position relative to other locations never changes.


  • Gegth
  • Mastice
  • Atterus
  • Downspin Islands
  • New Islands
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